EPIC Birthday Party FAQ’s

What do epic parties include?  Our all-inclusive epic parties include: your chosen attractions (laser, nerf, or both), a party room for one hour, a dedicated party captain, $15 player cards for each guest, and guest of honor receives a custom dog tag & swag bag.

Is the guest of honor included in the “7 players” for an epic party package?  Yes, the 7 players includes 1 guest of honor & 6 other guests.  

Do I have to pay for additional playing guests?   Yes, you can add additional guests for an addtl fee per person ($20/epic nerf tag party, $25/epic laser tag party, $30/epic dual combat (laser & nerf tag) party.

We have a large group coming to “watch.”  Do you have room for all of them?  Our maximum capacity for our party rooms is 25.  Due to our somewhat limited parking, and room capacities, we request that parties only have 1 non-playing guest per 2 playing guests.  Our maximum # of non-playing guests for a party is 5, we charge $10 for each non-playing guest above 5. 

Do I pay now when I book a party?   Yes, we require a $90/non-refundable deposit the day you book your party.  we apply the deposit to your total bill which must be settled at the conclusion of your party.

Will my party/guests get the arena to themselves?  No, you will play with other parties and/or walk-ins unless you pay in advance for an arena buyout.

Can I bring in outside food & beverages?  If your party includes the use of one of our private party rooms you may have food delivered.  we do not allow: outside beverages, coolers, crock pots, or any electrical appliances.  they are prohibited due to health dept & fire code regulations.  Our café has multiple options for food and beverages.

Can I bring in my own cake, ice cream?   Yes, you can bring your own cake & ice cream.  We can store it in our refrigerator and/or freezer until party time.

Can I pick my party room, get in early to decorate it, or hang out for an extended time?  No, we make room assignments based on number of players/guests & adhere to strict fire code regulations.  No early access to or hanging out in party rooms past the allotted hour because of other parties before/after your event.

Do I need guests to sign a waiver?   No, you do not need waivers for laser tag, nerf tag, or the dual combat parties.  Waivers are only required for axe throwing & archery tag.