Our 32,000 square foot facility has something to do for everyone!

Mission-Based Laser Tag
Our arena is 10,000 square feet of pure, exhilarating fun! Our missions include simple team-vs-team shootouts, capture-the-flag, king-of-the-hill, and our ever-popular zombie missions!
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Mini Golf
Enjoy 9-holes of fun in our challenging layout! Our unique water fountain is a perfect picture opportunity!
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Axe Throwing
Axe-throwing is a fast-growing American sport! Hurl axes at a wooden target. Test your accuracy! Compete with your friends, coworkers, or whoever!
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Nerf-Style Tag
Inflatable Bunkers. Padded foam flooring. Intense missions. This arena is a "blast" for all ages! Upgrade your blaster in our fully-armed Nerf armory!
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Mini Bowling
Groundstrikes mini bowling is just like the real game but on a smaller scale and in a more relaxed environment, complete with a black-lighted lounge and 2 110" video walls for your favorite movies or sporting events.
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Loads of arcade games to test your skills. Keep your tickets and credits on a modern card-reader system. Keep your card forever and save up those e-tickets for one of our great prizes!
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Laser Maze
Duck, dodge, crawl, or do anything to avoid breaking the lasers in TRIPWIRE! Beat the maze in the EXPERT mode and win a special prize!
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Relax and refuel at COE's Caliber Café! Enjoy a meal, snack, or beverage while watching television or using Wifi.
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Archery Tag
A unique attraction that combines elements of dodgeball or other combat-type games with the timeless skills of archery!
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Corporate Events

Combat Ops Entertainment offers a SERIOUS team building environment.  We are more than a "social" facility.  Our activities will require teamwork and strategy.  Our signature attraction, mission-based laser tag, is the perfect environment to wage war against your corporate counterparts—whether it be sales vs. service, accounting vs. marketing, or any other "team play" scenario, Combat Ops will show your group a competitive, thrilling adventure you won't forget!  The battle can continue in our one-of-kind NERF-style tag or archery tag arena, and/or your group can compete for the high score in our very own Battlehawk axe throwing courts!

Without a doubt, your employees/customers/clients will want to come back for more!

  • Something For Everyone

    In between sessions of our exhilerating laser combat or archery tag enjoy our GROUNDSTRIKES mini/duckpin bowling or CROSSFIRE arcade. We offer 4 lanes of small scale bowling in a relaxing, comfortable lounge. 2 large video walls play your favorite movies or music videos and you can enjoy a bottle of beer while playing.

  • Room for “regular work”

    Your corporate event can also include use of one of our party rooms all equipped with LCD televisions for presentations etc. We can also have your event catered so you can relax and enjoy all we have to offer.

Birthday Parties

Looking for an EPIC birthday party idea that’ll get your child and their friends active and having fun? Look no further than Combat Ops Entertainment.

It is literally every child's dream battle experience. Your son or daughter will be equipped with their own laser rifle (or NERF blaster) and accomplish missions with their friends—they can play cops and robbers holding up a bank, capture the flag, or rescue someone or something and get it back to its rightful place. We also offer several STAR WARS missions that will really get you excited! Our laser taggers turn into laser blasters and they will take on the empire! It’s like their favorite video game has come to life!

Combat Ops Arena will provide you or your child a birthday celebration you won't forget!

  • There's More!

    Every birthday package includes our signature mini-bowling, laser maze, and several games of play in our rave-reviewed arcade!

  • Privacy for Cake & Ice Cream

    Every birthday package also includes private use of one of our 4 private party rooms! If your birthday party has 20 or more guests allow us to cater it for you! We offer 5 different meal packages to suit all appetites.