Combat Cares

Part of our mission at Combat Ops Arena is to support the communities around us! After receiving donation and charitable requests daily, we’re proud to say we’ve donated and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to support different causes. If you are an educational, governmental, or non-profit organization, please click the link below to download a form that can be submitted to Combat Ops Arena.  Due to our high volume of requests we simply are unable to approve and respond to all requests.  

Please find the link for charitable/donation requests by clicking HERE. 

Another outstanding fundraising opportunity at Combat Ops Arena is to hold the fundraiser at our facility.  Depending on time, date, and day of the week, Combat Ops Arena will donate a % of sales during a specific period of time to the organization.  It is that simple!  If your are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please call 260-999-4940 and ask for David.