Combat Cares

We believe in giving back to the community through Combat Cares where we offer:

-A donation (gift card(s), attraction passes, etc.) to your not-for-profit fundraiser/auction

-A fundraiser for your not-for-profit at our facility (we will donate a percentage of revenue on a given night to your organization).

Donation Criteria:

1.  You must fill out & submit the online Charitable Request Donation Form below.

2.  We fulfill donation requests for area not-for-profit organizations/events as well as those with 501(c)(3) status.  We DO NOT contribute to individuals in pursuit of their own personal interests or goals.  

3.  Donation deadline- we must receive your donation request form at least one month in advance of your event/fundraiser.

4.  Cross Promotion- we respectfully ask your organization/event to include Combat Ops in your event/fundraiser promotion.  For example:  post/tag us on social media, include us in your event/auction program, and distribute Combat Ops brochures. 

*If your donation is approved, we will reach out via the contact information provided on the donation request form below.  Please note that donations are processed by our corporate office and must be picked up in person at our entertainment center located at 702 Ley Road, Fort Wayne, IN.  We are unable to accept donation requests in person or over the phone.  We will do our best to help as many organizations/events as possible.