FAQs/NERF-Style Arena

What is Required?

  • All players must wear socks while in the arena.  
  • Eye protection will be provided for all players, and must be worn at all times while playing.

How much does it cost?

  • The cost per session is $10 per person.  Your session purchase includes the use of one of our "base" blasters.  Sessions are 30 minutes in length.
    • For an additional $5, you may also rent/upgrade to any blaster in our armory. You may see the blasters by clicking HERE.

How old do you have to be?

  • The minimum is 5 years old.  Certain blasters will have age requirements.  Our goal is to ensure all players, regardless of age, have a positive experience while playing in the arena. While we try to keep sessions balanced between younger and older players, please understand that is not always possible during normal sessions.

How long do you play?

  • Down Range sessions are 30 minutes. This includes game briefing time, and blaster issue and turn-in. During the session players will play a number of 5 to 15 minute missions.

When do sessions begin?

  • Down Range sessions begin at 5 minutes past the hour.

What is the maximum number of players allowed in a session?

  • Currently, sessions are limited to twenty players.

Can players bring their own blasters?

  • Yes. However, it cannot be a modified blaster. Game Masters will inspect personal blasters before they will be allowed in the arena.
  • Down Range Arena will provide ALL ammo. No outside ammo will be allowed.
  • The following Blasters are currently banned in the Down Range Arena:
    • Any style of sniper rifle :Mega Centurion, Longstrike CS-6, Longshot CS-6.
    • Zombie Strike Dread Bolt
    • N-Strike Rhino-Fire
    • N-Strike Elite Hail Fire
    • All NERF RIVAL blasters

Can players bring their own foam weapons (swords, grenades, etc.)?

  • We are considering limited sessions and games using these weapons. Right now they are prohibited in the arena.

What are the arena rules?

  • No running.
  • No physical contact in any way.
  • No climbing or jumping.
  • No intentional head or face shots.
  • No point-blank shots (less than 3 feet).
  • Do not shoot blasters outside the arena or armory.
  • Do not shoot at anyone not playing.
  • Hits to the blaster COUNT, ricochets DO NOT.
  • All decisions made by the Game Master are FINAL.
  • Play fair and with respect for others.
  • If you hear a whistle blast, stop firing and wait for instructions.
  • Game masters will explain the rules before the beginning of the session.

 Can I reserve a party for Down Range Ops?

  • Yes. Please click here to see our online booking for details.