MIni Bowling

Groundstrikes mini bowling is great family fun. 

Groundstrikes mini bowling is just like the real game but on a smaller scale and in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Check out our lounge and prepare to enjoy a fun game that is great for kids and adults alike!

We’ve created our four-lane, black-lighted lounge for fun and relaxation. Mini bowling combines all of the action of regular bowling, complete with hardwood approaches, real ball returns, and automatic scoring, with a more intimate setting. Each pair of our lanes features a 110" video wall that plays your favorite movies, music videos, or sporting event.  With shorter approaches, smaller balls and no requirement to wear those smelly shoes, our lanes are the best in the area!  As an added bonus, you can choose to play with or without bumpers.  Bumpers are ideal for small children or those learning to play mini bowling.


Our bowling is priced at just $3/game (5 frames).  Most of the time, you can walk-in, purchase a player's card (if you do not already have one), and step up and roll.  Reservations are not required.

We often run bowling specials.  Please follow us on social media or sign up for e-mail updates by clicking HERE!


These pictures don't do it justice! Check out our virtual tour by clicking HERE.

Our 4 lanes are set in their own space and are an outstanding venue for birthday parties, corporate events, youth groups, or any group that just wants to have fun!

Roll an "80" or better (150 is a perfect score) and sign your name on our GroundStrikes Wall of Fame with your accomplishment and, of course, your score!