Laser Maze

Duck, dodge, crawl, or do anything to avoid breaking the lasers in TRIPWIRE - Combat Ops Entertainment's laser maze attraction.  It offers 4 levels of difficulty - easy, medium, hard, and expert. 

You can also enjoy the BEAM BUSTER mode which counts how many lasers you can break.  As part of our CROSSFIRE arcade, the TRIPWIRE laser maze is loads of fun!

The TRIPWIRE laser maze is priced at just $3/play2 players may play at the same time for $6.  You will need a player's card to play the TRIPWIRE laser maze which may be purchased at our sales counter or at our kiosk located in the lobby near the front door.  Can you beat the fastest time?

A picture not good enough? Check out a virtual tour of the Tripwire laser maze HERE.