The arcade at Combat Ops Entertainment features all of the most modern game titles! King Kong VR, Storm VR, Jurassic Park, Halo FireTeam Raven, Nitro Trucks, NERF Arcade, modern redemption games and pinballs just to name some of the games you will find!

Our arcade uses a modern card system. The cards may be purchased at our kiosk or the sales counter. The cards store your credits AND your "e-tickets" for redemption. Keep your card forever and continue to accumulate your tickets for one of our great prizes! Read more about our card reader on our blog post by clicking below:

Our redemption counter features unique prizes...NERF guns, stuffed animals, candy, sports gear, & much much more!

Multiple VR Gaming Options!

Most of our arcade games are priced anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00. You will need a player card to play in our arcade which may be purchased at our sales counter or at our kiosk located in the lobby near the front door. Our cards store credit and e-tickets forever. They do not expire. Player cards may be reloaded indefinitely.

Keep an eye on specials as we can discount the entire arcade! You can sign up for e-mail specials by clicking HERE.

Come PLAY! WIN tickets! Have FUN!