What is Combat Ops Entertainment?

Combat Ops Entertainment is a multi-attraction entertainment facility located at 702 Ley Road, adjacent to the south of Spiece Fieldhouse and is fun for the entire family!  In addition to mission-based laser tag, we offer a full redemption arcade, 4 lanes of mini bowling, the area's largest laser maze, a nerf-tag/archery arena, 6 full-size axe throwing courts (indoor/outdoor), a 9-hole outdoor mini golf course, & a quick service restaurant that features comfort foods and craft beer.

For specific questions relating to mission-based laser tag click HERE.

For specific questions relating to nerf-style tag click HERE.

For specific questions relating to axe throwing click HERE.

For specific questions relating to archery tag click HERE.

What ages can play?

Any age can play laser tag as long as they can hold a 2.6lb laser tagger and follow our rules of gameplay.  You must be 5 years of age to play in our NERF-style tag arena.  You must be 12 years old for axe throwing.

Can I Purchase Tickets in Advance?

Yes.  You may purchase tickets in advance by clicking HERE.  Our laser tag and Nerf tag sessions do sell out on the weekends.  We highly recommend you purchase tickets online in advance.

If you'd like to book your party, click HERE.  PLEASE NOTE:  Birthday parties require a 72 hour advance notice.  Monday-Friday we may be able to schedule your party if it is within 72 hours by calling us directly at 260-999-4940.

Do I need to make a reservation?

No.  Reservations are NOT required. Walk-in guests are encouraged to come anytime, anyday.  We start new laser tag sessions every 30 minutes and nerf-style tag sessions 5 minutes after the hour and half-hour.  Laser tag sessions last 30 minutes and nerf-tag missions last 30 minutes.  For your convenience, we do offer online ticketing to guarantee your session time - you may make a reservation by clicking HERE.

We do take 1-hour reservations for axe throwing throughout the week.  You may book those by clicking HERE.

We DO require reservations for birthday parties!  Birthday party reservations can be made by clicking HERE.

Do I need to come with a group?

No.  You can come by yourself or with a group.  We encourage walk-in play.  We can run missions with as few as 2 people.

Is your laser tag different from other laser tag we’ve played?

Yes, we offer missions that are either won or lost as opposed to "just shooting for points" found in traditional laser tag facilities. Our missions are very much like a video game that has come to life.  Our highly advanced laser taggers sound and look like real modern-day battle rifles. Our missions include everything from capturing secret codes as a Navy SEAL to safely transporting your VIP from one side of the arena to the other without him or her being eliminated from the game. Working together, leadership and communication may be important parts of accomplishing an objective. 

What is the difference between Combat Ops mission-based laser tag and paintball or airsoft?

The technology used at Combat Ops is the major difference. While realistic in feel and sound, our weapons use infrared light to fire. There are no projectiles—meaning no welts or harm and no paint on the body. At Combat Ops, you get to experience all of the adrenaline without the pain! 

Combat Ops equipment is highly sophisticated and communicates with each other via wifi.  Missions are much more sophisticated with multiple roles and objectives. Not all roles or strategies require shooting all the time—some missions simply require you to occupy a building or space while “alive.” 

Also, our equipment can "change" during gameplay through weapon pickups or "upgrades" which can make it more engaging.  For example - one could pickup a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher during gameplay which actually does simulate an RPG!

Learn more about our equipment by clicking here.

Is Combat Ops Entertainment safe?

Combat Ops Entertainment (COE) is committed to providing a safe environment for its players. All weapons are eye-safe. 

The core technology used by COE in it's laser tag arena is infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum, using an infrared beam no stronger than a television remote. Our arena game masters monitor each mission to ensure all Rules of Engagement are being followed and reinforce the proper operation of the weapons.

Our guests in the NERF-style arena will be issued safety glasses or goggles.  This arena, too, is monitored during game play.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes. You can learn more about our birthday parties and our four private rooms by clicking HERE.

If you would like you may book your birthday party online by clicking HERE.

Do you offer private events?

Yes. If you or your group are looking to do a private function, celebrate a special occasion, or run exclusively in either of our combat arenas, and/or engage in axe throwing, we have many group packages available. Combat Ops can host corporate team building, youth and student events, church groups, and college fraternity or sorority socials just to name a few. 

All group events do require reservations and a deposit at least 48 hours in advance. If you are interested in this type of event, please call for details or email and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.  

Do you have any gameplay rules?

Yes. Our rules of engagement for laser tag are:

  • Absolutely no running.
  • No charging other players.
  • No physical contact in any way.
  • You must hold your tagger with two hands at all times.
  • "Dead" players can’t speak during the mission.
  • No camping or hiding out in respawn areas.
  • Open-toed shoes are discouraged.

Our rules of engagement for NERF-style tag are:

  • No running
  • No physical contact in any way.
  • No climbing or jumping.
  • No intentional head or face shots.
  • No point-blank shots (less than 3 feet away).
  • Do not shoot blasters outside the arena or armory.
  • Hits to the blaster count, ricochets do not.
  • All decisions made by the game master are final.
  • Play fair and with respect for others.
  • If you hear a whistle, stop firing and wait for instructions.

Our rules of engagement for our Axe throwing courts are:

  • No horseplay
  • A waiver MUST be signed before entering the axe throwing arena.
  • Only players who are throwing axes are permitted in the axe throwing area/court.
  • Never joke or gesture with an axe.
  • Never handle axes until told to do so.
  • No open toed shoes allowed.
  • Never throw an axe while a person is down range.
  • Never throw an axe until given permission to do so.
  • Only 1 person allowed in either lane at any time.
  • If you are not throwing, you must remain behind the safety zone.
  • Follow all directions given by the range official.
  • We will not tolerate any misconduct.  If you do not follow the previously stated rules in any way you will be asked to leave the area immediately – basically…don’t be a “DUMB-AXE!”
Do I need to sign a waiver?

Waivers must be signed for axe throwing and for archery tag.  You can digitally sign your waiver by clicking HERE.

How much does it cost?

Walk-in play is always encouraged at Combat Ops Entertainment.  All of our information on pricing can be found HERE.