Why You Have To Try Our Tripwire Laser Maze

Combat Ops Arena has a new challenge for you inside our Crossfire Arcade- its called the Tripwire Laser Maze.  Come test your James Bond skills.  Duck, crawl, creep, and bend your way through the largest laser maze in the area.  We have two modes of play.  The first is “Laser Maze Challenge” where the name of the game is to avoid breaking the laser beams that shoot from wall to wall in the room.  The second way to play is “Beam Buster” mode where your goal is to break as many lasers as you can in a matter of seconds.  There are four levels to choose from as well:  easy, medium, hard, and expert.  Whatever mode or level you choose, it’s a race against the clock.  You and your family/friends will enjoy competing for the best time.  You can even double up and play in pairs.  Who knows, your name may end up on our “Top Ten” list.  You can watch the action inside the maze on a television screen at the entrance.  Come on in and give our laser maze a try.  See if you have fast feet, limber limbs, and are agile for your age.  Our laser maze takes the same reloadable game card that you can use on all of our arcade games and mini bowling lanes.