Throwing An Axe!

So, you want to do some axe throwing?  We can teach you!

  • To start throwing, you need to have one foot on the blue line, and one foot placed behind you. While throwing, you’ll want to step forward with the foot that’s behind you, crossing the blue line, taking a walking step towards the target. Be sure NOT to cross the red line! The red line is the fault line, If you cross it you’ll be too close to the board, never being able to stick an axe.
  • The most important thing to remember while axe throwing, is to make sure you’re NOT flicking your wrist! The technique is all about the swing of your arm and the step you take forward.
  • You can throw the axe with either one hand, or two hands. Both techniques are fairly similar.
  • You start with your arm outstretched with the axe pointed towards the board. You’ll hold the axe at a 45 degree angle, the blade pointed directly at the bullseye.  You will leave your wrist in this position the entire time you’re swinging your arm out!
  • Once you have your wrist in the correct position, you’ll bring the axe back over your shoulder, with the head parallel with your shoulder blade. You’ll want the head of the axe practically touching your shoulder blade. You want to do a full 180 degree swing with your hand, this will give the axe the spin that it needs. If you start with the axe above your shoulder, or not far enough back, you will end up doing more of a pushing motion rather than a full swing. If you use a pushing motion, the axe will not spin and will not be able to stick in the board.
  • Keep your elbow pointed straight towards the target.  This will ensure the axe stays nice and vertical as you swing your arm out. If you have your elbow sticking out to the side, you’ll end up throwing the axe diagonally, causing it to hit the board crooked and against the grain and it will not stick.
  • Once you are in the correct position, swing your arm out and take that step forward. As you’re planting your foot down, you’ll be releasing the axe in one nice fluent motion! Do not think too much into it, just let everything flow! Releasing the axe at about forehead level will yield the best results.
  • Be sure to not let the axe slide out of your hand! Letting the axe slide out of your hand will cause your fingers to push against the bottom of the axe, causing the rotation to be off. Just release it quickly and let the axe do all the work for you!
  • No flicking, snapping, sliding, or chucking! Keep everything nice and smooth!