How Our Mission-Based Laser Tag Is Different From Traditional Laser Tag

Chances are you have seen, heard, or maybe even played traditional laser tag.  Born in the 80’s, it looks and feels like the 80’s with its black lights and plastic glowing neon gear.  Typically you wear a one-size-does-not-fit-all vest and the tagger itself is shaped like a futuristic toy blaster or “phaser.”  You see a laser “tracer” coming out of the blaster and the play style is in the form of a “free-for-all” or every man for himself.  After the game ends, you may receive a paper scorecard.

Don’t waste another dime on 80’s laser tag.  Combat Ops Arena (COA) offers a mission-based or tactical laser tag experience that brings your favorite first-person shooter (FPS) games to life.  Combat Ops Arena’s (COA) laser tag involves strategy and team-based play, perfect for corporate team-building, company outings, birthday parties, youth groups, families, and individuals of all ages.   When you step into our arena, you enter a more realistic, urban “warfare-like” atmosphere.  It’s team in various scenarios or “missions.”  We can customize the missions for your company or corporate event, kid’s party, or group.  You choose from: team death-match, king-of-the-hill, capture-the-flag, and domination, to name a few.  If you’re not into team tag, we can run laser tag games for the individual, like last man standing, or our unique zombie game called “infection.”  Everyone starts “purified” and as infected players tag you, you become infected too spreading the disease until there’s one last healthy man standing.

Wait until you pick up COA’s taggers. As we have blogged before, our taggers look, feel, and sound like combat rifles used in today’s popular FPS video games.  We can offer weapon upgrades during game play.  We can offer secondary weapons too.  All of our weapon types are completely customizable.  The tagger gun load-outs are infinite.  Everything from rounds per minute, to the amount of damage they can inflict, to the tagger’s range as it relates to how far it can fire, and even details like the amount of ammunition you have in a specific mission is all customizable. 

Bottom line, combining mission or tactical style game play with a fully customizable, realistic tagger results in a laser tag experience that is far different from traditional laser tag.  The key is working together as a group and devising a strategy to run successful missions.  COA welcomes you, your family, corporate or company outings, youth groups, or birthday parties.  Book online today!