Down Range NERF-Style Arena Opens!

Parents, let’s face it.  Nerf wars can be a nuisance inside your home.  The kids drag the blasters and ammo out, have their battles, and then you’re left with the fallout… darts and balls everywhere & your house turned upside down.  Chances are you’ve found the ammo days, weeks, even months after their play… hiding behind, under, and inside your furniture and possessions. 

Combat Ops Arena has the solution.  We’ve built a 3,500 sq. ft. arena dedicated to Nerf-style tag.  The Down Range arena is a shoes off, socks & eyewear on, all-soft environment.  From foam-padded flooring, to inflatable air bunkers, to required eye protection; we provide a safe but fun experience while you get to sit back and relax and watch.  Kids ages 5 and up can bring their prized Nerf guns from home or pick one from our armory.  You even have the option to pay a little extra and upgrade to one of the more powerful or fully automatic blasters.  We provide all of the darts.  Their mission at Combat Ops is to play for a one hour session which start a quarter past every hour.  We can accommodate up to 20 kids max in the Nerf arena at one time.  Our gamemasters will referee play to make sure everyone:  follows the arena rules, knows what mission they’re running, shoots at targets and/or each other.  The best part, the kids get great exercise, go home exhausted, and you don’t become exhausted picking up after their war.

Book your Down Range party today.  We offer special package pricing on our website:  click on parties/events.  You can choose from: a Down Range Nerf Party or a Double Duty Nerf Tag & Laser Tag party.  Give the gift of game to a child in your life.  As a locally-owned, family business we make it our mission at Combat Ops to provide unique, fun, and safe entertainment for all ages.