Debit Card Reader System in the Arcade:  Why “E-Tickets” Are Better

Paper tickets for arcade games are archaic.  Since the first amusement arcade opened in the 1970’s, kids winning huge jackpots would run around with a pile of paper tickets.  Now e-Tickets are replacing paper tickets and changing the game playing experience forever.

What is an e-Ticket?  An e-Ticket, or electronic ticket, is captured by a debit card system.   When a player wins, the award goes directly to their card account. 

Combat Ops Arena uses a modern debit card system for its CROSSFIRE arcade for several reasons.

First, e-tickets are more “clean.”  No dust or grime left behind on players hands and no more large bins full of paper tickets to send off to a landfill.  You reuse the card every time you play at Combat Ops Arena.

Secondly, you won’t drop or lose an e-ticket.  The tickets are stored on the players account forever.  If the player is saving his/her tickets for a larger prize there won’t be any need to carry the tickets or ticket receipts for future redemption….the tickets are stored on the player account or card forever!

Lastly, having a card reader system will help you take advantage of arcade specials.  For example, Combat Ops Arena runs an “early bird” special Tuesday-Friday from noon to 4pm where the games are priced at 50% from their normal pricing.  This means twice the play and twice the ticket payout for the same amount of money in the arcade!

We are proud of our system and love to see our customers take advantage of its clean and efficient way to play our arcade.  We hope to see you soon at the CROSSFIRE arcade!