There’s a new game in town that’s perfect for your next team-building event or a fun night out with your family and friends.  Combat Ops Arena now offers archery tag in its exclusive all-soft arena.  Archery tag is a sport that combines elements of dodgeball with the hand/eye coordination skills of archery.  Don’t worry If you’ve never held a bow and arrow.  Before you go into battle, our gamemasters will teach you how to hold the bow, then aim and shoot an arrow.  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get them to fly across the arena.  The arrows have soft, foam tips that are non-lethal!   Each 1-hour session of Archery Tag will consist of basic instruction, followed by practice, and then competition-style archery tag.  You score points if you tag someone on the opposing team or by knocking out their targets.  The cost is $20/person.  Archery tag runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.  We do require you to wear our safety gear and you must sign a waiver before participating. You can do so on our website or in our facility at one of our kiosks.