Combat Ops Memberships! Get off the couch, get in the game!

For just $25 for an entire year, you can’t beat the savings.  When you purchase our membership, you will receive instant savings of 20 percent on combat-based attractions, 20% discount in the arcade, $3 mini golf, and $10 in credit for every $100 you spend.

If you would like a day for the family on a budget, consider getting each member of your family a membership! After you purchase your initial membership for $25, each additional membership is only $15 per person. That means EVERYONE is getting a 20% discount on combat-based attractions as well as arcade.  Ask yourself, “will we come back again within the year?” If the answer is yes, then the membership pays for itself!

Our membership is perfect for our frequent gamers. If you find yourself dominating in the laser tag arena, sinking shots in nerf tag, or getting the high score in Halo Fire Team Raven, then this is the program for you. And, since you keep coming back to us for your entertainment, we thought we would reward you.

We get it, the pot is already sweet so how can it get any sweeter? We are throwing in $3 mini golf and $5, member only, laser tag Tuesdays. Let’s keep it going with surprise member only specials sent STRAIGHT to your email!

So, what are you waiting for?  Become a member today!