Combat Ops Introduces REKT CO2 Dart Launchers

By now everyone knows the best place to hold a NERF-Style war is at Combat Ops Entertainment. Our weekends are filled with foam-flying excitement. With a 3500 square foot padded arena, featuring inflatable tanks and barricades, we can host up to twenty players every 30 minutes.

We’re not the kind that’s satisfied with the status quo. So, we’ve teamed up with Rekt to introduce the next level of dart-style tag. We’re proud to announce that we now have an arsenal of OPSIX CO2 Foam Dart Launcher Pistols in our inventory!

The OPSIX Pistol is a CO2 operated dart launcher. It fires one shot at a time with a manual reload and has no moving parts - meaning that you do not have to operate a cocking mechanism – so all you have to do is load a dart in the front and pull the trigger. This makes it much easier for younger players. The pistol also includes a manual safety (to conserve CO2), Each pistol holds a 12-gram CO2 capsule, which can last for up to 100 shots. Darts fired from the OPSIX Pistol also travel farther and faster than those fired from traditional spring-loaded blasters.

Safety is always our number one concern, so eye protection is a must. We recommend Rekt sessions for players 8 years and up. A waiver is also required for all players using Rekt pistols. These pistols are not available to be rented out during normal dart-style tag wars.

Currently we are accepting reservations for private Rekt wars. You can find the party description by clicking HERE.  Each reservation is for a group of 8 players and will use the OPSIX Pistol.

Of course, that’s not the only fun to be had. Combat Ops has mission-based laser tag, archery tag, axe throwing, mini golf, and more!So keep your eye out, because you never know what we’ll think of next!