Check Out Our Ever Changing Crossfire Arcade!

Combat Ops Arena tested out the latest and greatest arcade games around the country.  We currently offer 29 fun and challenging games for you and your family. From the very popular prize and ticket cranes, to first-person shooter games, to sports games; we have a variety for all ages and skill levels. 

Playing is simple.  You purchase a reloadable game card at the kiosk or front desk.  Load any amount on the card and it debits off as you play.   Every arcade game has a colorful swiper attached to it.  The “green” swipers earn you redemption tickets that you can accumulate and spend at our redemption counter.

We’ve carefully laid out our arcade games, allowing you to move in and around them without feeling crowded.  Our arcade is conveniently located in our front lobby.  We disinfect it daily to keep the germs at bay.

Here’s our arcade lineup:  Space Invaders Frenzy, Spindrome, After Burner, Hot Stuff (Squishy Crane), Ticket Zone, Barber Cut, Jurassic Park, Terminator Salvation, Frogger, (2) Ticket Worlds, Prize Rocket, Duck World, Plush Bus, Crank It, Stacker, Slam-A-Winner, Cyclone, (2) Fast & Furious cycles, (2) Fast & Furious cars, Speed of Light, Hoop Fever, NFL Two-Minute Drill, Air Hockey, The Boxer, and Deal or No Deal.

You have to try Space Invaders Frenzy!  Someone has to save planet Earth! One or two players sit in the cockpit wielding futuristic plasma cannons to defeat waves of descending invaders.  The 8-foot LED display is something to see.  If you’re fast and accurate, you’ll rack up redemption tickets.

Another great 2-person game is Jurassic Park.  You sit inside of this arcade game as well.  Instead of dodging invaders from space, you must use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order on the island.

After you done defeating dinosaurs and space invaders, make sure you try one of our seven cranes.  You can win rolls of redemption tickets, or prizes like squishy toys, collectible rubber ducks, or handfuls or toys and candy!  If you’re lucky and have mad skills with a crane, you may grab a Combat Ops giftcard in the Prize Rocket!